what is security screen

high-tensile stainless steel mesh


aluminum frame



Security Screen is a high-tensile stainless steel mesh and aluminum frame system. It is used to secure doors, windows and outdoor areas from intruders and insects alike while keep ventilation at the same time.

The mesh is screw-clamped so it can’t be kicked out or easily jimmied. Fasolid security mesh is made of 0.9 mm /.035″ and above high tensile stainless steel, so it can’t be cut by knife.

No bars, no grills, no rust, security screen offers uninterrupted views. It is also an ideal solution for protecting privacy; those on the inside can see out clearly but those on the outside can’t see in.

Home security

Provides protection from unlawful entry and discouraging intruders

Children’s safety

Allows ventilation while easily cope with the bumps and knocks of children’s horseplay

View and ventilation

Available in sizes up to 3 meters/9 feet with no mid-bars

Energy saving

Blocks up to 50% of UV rays and lower your energy bills

Safe escape

Secure from outside, but are easily open from inside in emergency.

10-year warranty

Warrants the product is free from defects in material and function for 10 years