304/316 grade high tensile stainless steel wire or galvanized wire. 0.9 mm(.035 inch) or 1.0mm (.039 inch) wire diameter.


Plain weave, 11 Count Mesh ie: 11 strands on the weft x 11 strands on the warp, per square inch of mesh. Woven to Standards ISO 9044/ASTM E2016:06.


The open area of the Fasolid woven mesh is above 45%.


Extruded aluminum alloy 6063-T6. Frame aluminum thickness 2.0mm (.079 inch).


Fasolid patented clamp system, securing the mesh with tamperproof screws and unique-designed clamping method.


Mesh – High durability powder coating using Akzo Nobel approved applicator.

Extrusion – powder coating, anodizing or woodgrain effect.


All Fasolid products have been tested to and pass the requirements of AS5039 as prescribed in AS5041 Methods of Test – security screen doors & window grilles:

  • Dynamic Impact Test

This test stimulates an intruder trying to kick his way through a security screen. The test is performed with a heavy bag (45kg/99 lbs.) smashing into the security screen with a force of 100 joules. The test is repeated 5 times and Fasolid exceeds the testing.

  • Knife Shear Test

This test simulates a knife attack on the security mesh. A heavy duty trimming knife is dragged along a 250 mm/9.8 inch line with a force of 150 N (15 kg/33 lbs.) vertically and up to 350N (35 kg/ 77 lbs.) horizontally.

  • Jimmy Test

This test simulates an intruder using a lever to get past the security screen door or window. The test is performed with a large crowbar at all locking, hinging and fastening points up to 450 N (45 kg/ 99 lbs.) for 20 seconds, way beyond the capability of most potential intruders.

  • Neutral Salt Spray  Test

This test is designed to check corrosion resistance for security screen. Fasolid 316L marine grade security screen survive a 1,000 hours (equivalency to 10 years) neutral salt spray test.

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