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An Ultimate Guide Before Installing a Security Screen Door and The Mesh Used in It

Are you planning to buy a security screen door? Yes, we have all been there atleast once where we need to open the front door to get relived from the scorching heat. But how about security over there? Yes, here comes the role of fancy security screen doors where you can enjoy the cool breeze from outside and at the same time prevent someone coming inside. Even though the security doors provide protection, the poor quality doors are still penetrable. So its your choice, whether it’s a standard one or not, lets dive into more details on how to make sure you get the right security and not just the door.

  1. What security do you need?

It is merely based on how much security is required and the appearance you want for your home. If you reside near the location of break-ins, then steel door with a steel grille is compulsorily required. If you simply need a security with still removing all the bugs, try to install a sturdy aluminium door. And if you need just an insect screen, it is advisable to install a cheap aluminum screen.

  1. Factors to look for

There are many factors to look before you install a security screen at your home.

  • Infills

The infills are made of aluminium grille, steel, stainless steel mesh or structural grade aluminium. The most secured choice is steel bars, motifs or grilles. An aluminium grille gives a heavy-duty look for the best security. The stainless steel meshes are made of steel frames or aluminium which uses woven stainless steel mesh as the infill. If you install this, security is assured without disturbing the view and it looks like viewing through a flyscreen.

a. Is wire diameter net diameter (before powder coating) or diameter after powder coating? Are mesh counts accurate?

It is very important to check the mesh count of various security screen before purchasing. The mesh count refers to the number of strands used in the woven metal per area. If the strands are tightly woven, it provides more resilience and gives enough protection against any kind of stresses. Also, it will be good enough to prevent the pest infiltration. If you need more air and natural light into the house, then select wider meshes. Anyways, before purchasing, it is advisable to compare the differences in detail before choosing the best quality one. Internationally, industry only use net diameter (before powder coating). However, majority Chinese suppliers use “wire diameter after powder coating” because this will reduce their cost by at least 10%.

Cross check mesh counts before ordering.
installing a security screen door

b. Confirm the grade of material.

The material is quite important when it comes to mesh strength in security screen door.  So it is advisable to check and compare the various materials before going for one. Price varies hugely among different material grades. Low quality mesh has a short life span, will ruin your profit and reputation. Confirm material grades and require testing report before purchase. It is very important to verify your supplier’s authenticity and capacity through filed inspection or endorsement checking. Words are cheap and you need them to prove their quality.

c. Choose plain woven mesh over pre-crimp mesh.

Both pre-crimp mesh and plain woven mesh have their applications. However, when it comes to security mesh suppliers in China, some use pre-crimp mesh only because they feel thicker. Pre-crimp mesh doesn’t have the annealing treatment and have less ductility. It is not accepted by world leading security screen companies.
installing security screen doors

d.Check weaving quality, flatness and tolerance

High quality woven mesh should be flat, accurate on mesh counts, free of defects.

e. Check the treatment used in security mesh

Just check the treatment used in order to protect from chemical degradation. Aluminium and stainless steel prevent corrosion and rusting generally including environments that are humid. Anyhow, if they are installed in industrial areas or marine areas, they will be susceptible to deterioration and oxidation. Thus it is important to check if the surface are protected. To protect the mesh from adverse elements, powder coatings are good.

  • Locks

The locks should be five-pin cylinder or similar to that. Some locks give a 25-year warranty. If a three-point lock is used, the top and bottom will be protected and also spread the force of the attack.

  • Personalized design

Security doors always can be custom-made and can meet the exact standard required.

  • Corrosion prevention

Those security doors that meet the required standard will have non-corrosive properties. In order to prevent the rust, you can get one that is powder coated or hot-dip galvanized.

  • Grilles

The grille cords should be thick. But even the strongest grille will not be much worthy if it is not installed properly. Many doors will have grille that is riveted to the frame itself. But check for any aluminium rivets in the positions that are accessible. Most reliable will be the grille that is welded to the frame.

  • Fire safety

When you install the security doors, it is wise to check the options to get out of the home in case of any fire accidents or other emergencies.

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Security doors are quite important for your home especially if you love in an unsecured area or you live with your kids. It is also inevitable to check the security mesh for window screens and screen doors that gives less risk from rodents, pests, insects and wild animals. Durable security mesh will be more strong against your pets which will otherwise shred the standard doors and windows with their claws. So once you are done with the security mesh, check for the safety options when any fire accidents or emergencies arise. So never compromise with the security measures that need to be taken at your home.


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