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17 Best Home Security Tips And Tricks

As a homeowner or renter, one of your top priorities is to make your home safe for your family – this becomes especially important when you have young children. Always depend upon best security systems that provide best security screen doors and windows  So here are some home security tips and tricks that when implemented, will give you peace of mind.

Don’t Leave Tools and Ladders Outside:

If you’ve been doing some work outside, make sure you put away all your tools, either locked in the garage or inside the house. Hammers, big screwdrivers, axes, pry bars and so on are potential weapons for burglars. This is a practical home security measure which we often tend to overlook.

Maintain Your Yard:

Maintain Your Yard

Thick landscaping, like overgrown shrubs and thick trees, are ideal hiding places for burglars; make sure you trim bushes and mow your lawn, and cut off low branches that obscure the view from your window. Planting a few thorny bushes or cacti at the periphery is also a good idea – you may get DNA if and when required.

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Store Your Garden Decor When Not in Use:

Leaving your garden furniture and lawn decoration stuff outside is an invitation for thieves of opportunity. When you don’t need your yard and garden stuff, store it in your garage and lock it up. Even if the stuff doesn’t get stolen right away, it might just send a signal that you’re careless, or that you have lots of valuable stuff – motivating burglars to try and break into your home.

Install Security Cams:

Install Security Cams

I know what you’re thinking – that it will cost you a great deal. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can easily install D-I-Y security cams to cover all doors leading out of the house, garage, windows and basement entrance. Just the sight of the cameras will scare away most intruders, and go a long way in securing your property.

Install Alarm Systems:

You can install alarm systems that get triggered whenever anyone tries to break open the doors or windows. There are different types of alarms – some of them are motion sensors, and will trigger an alarm if someone is moving inside the house when nobody is supposed to be there. You can choose to do it yourself and send alerts to your phone, or have a security monitoring agency do the work for you. When you receive the alerts, you can call 911.

Install Deadbolt Locks:

Sure, they cost you a lot more than spring latch locks, but deadbolts are much stronger and offer greater protection from break-ins and wannabe burglars. It’s a good idea to add deadbolt locks that are of the minimum 1-inch thickness to all your exterior doors. Make sure that you leave no space between the doors and their frames when you install the locks – if you do, you’ll just make it very easy for intruders to force the door open.
You can plug the gaps with plywood, or fortify the door with metal sheets. It would be a good idea to reinforce the door even further by fitting London bars, to the frame, or installing a strong strike plate with full metal enclosures to prevent the door from being kicked in.

Get a Peephole for Your Door:

Get a Peephole for Your Door

It’s cheap and old-fashioned and works pretty well. Thwart daring daylight intruders by simply looking through the peephole before opening the door. Make sure that the person is an acquaintance or legit (postman/courier you were expecting), and only then open the door. If you want something more advanced, you can install a video door phone. This lets you see who is at your door even when you’re in some other part of the house.

Always Keep at Least One Light On:

Keeping a light on can have two results; it lets your neighbors know that you’re at home, or it could fool intruders into thinking somebody is home even when you’re away. It’s a simple thing to do but one of the most important home security tips and tricks you can follow.

Keep Your car Keys Close to You:

When you sleep, put the keys under your pillow or on your bedside table or nightstand, so that you can hit the alarm to make some noise and scare the burglar, or if needed, beat a hasty retreat, or go get help.

Don’t Share Your Location:

While we may feel tech-savvy when we check into places and display our location on social media sites, it is a way of informing everyone that you’re not at home; while this may be fine during the day, it’s imperative you avoid doing it at night. If you’re going away for a few days, never disclose that on social media.

Get a Neighbor’s Help:

Get a trusted neighbor to check in on your house when you’re away – ask them to bring in the mail, water the plants, and so on, so that there is no pile up on your doorstep or wilting plants to give away the fact that you are not at home for a few days.

Hide Exterior Wiring:

Hide Exterior Wiring

Burglars may attempt to cut off your power supply as they are adept at operating in the dark, and you will be disadvantaged. They can also cut off the wiring connecting your home security or alarm systems. It’s a good idea to hide all the external wiring your home has.

Keep Curtains/Blinds Drawn:

If your house is right on a public street or alley this becomes especially important. Keep the curtains or blinds down so that prowlers who are scoping out places to hit won’t know if there’s anything worth getting their hands on the inside.

Secure Your Windows:

Double check whenever you need to lock the house and leave, that all your windows are securely bolted. Install window alarm sensors – not an expensive option – and/or get iron bars for your window to make the task daunting for thieves.

Inventory Your Valuables:

Draw up a list of all your valuable stuff including equipment, high-end gadgets, jewelry, and cash. Keep soft and hard copies – at least one or two at other locations – with your mom or friend, so that in the event of a break-in you can check your list and know exactly what is missing. This makes it easy to trace the stolen items.

Store Important Files:

Preferably in a bank locker – I’m talking about wills, important contracts, agreements, papers relating to your house – even passports if you’re not a frequent international traveler. This way even if a burglar does take off with some of your stuff, your important documents will be safe.

Install Security Screen Doors:

Install Security Screen Doors

These are mesh doors made of high tensile steel mesh, with aluminum frames. By installing these on your doors and windows you can not only secure your home from intruders and prowlers, but also keep out insects and pests, and prevent your beloved pets from jumping out to chase after other animals or people, as well as keep children safe inside. Additionally, it affords excellent ventilation to boot. They don’t hamper your visibility but make it difficult for people to look inside, granting privacy. On top of it all, they can block harmful UV rays from entering your home – helping you get lower energy bills.

The importance of securing your home can never be stressed enough; you can also come up with your own ideas on how to improve home security. Each home can have unique security solutions based on the location, people living in it, its condition, and so on.

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